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Archive Issues (Add-ins)

Archiving an issue is done when you no longer wish to see that specific issue within your project. It can be restored from the Archived Issues and brought back into the project. Once archived, issues can then be permanently delete. Once an issue has been deleted from the archives it’s gone forever.

Who can archive an issue?

Only a project creator or project admin can archive issues. This may be why you don’t see the option to archive an issue. If you need the ability to archive issues, you’ll need to contact your project creator/administrator and get them to modify your user rights.

Within the add-ins, such as Revit in this example, we can archive issues with the following steps:

  1. Click the three small dots in the top right corner of the issue you want to archive.

  2. Select the Archive option from the drop down.
  3. Click "Yes" from the ARCHIVE CONFIRMATION dialog box.

  4. Click the Yes button on the Archive issue confirmation dialog box that appears.

There are no options or controls that allow you to archive multiple issues from the add-in platforms. For multiple issue archives you’ll need to use the web platform.

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