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IFC Positioning Issue(Clicking an issue does not move the camera to the issue location)

This issue is linked to the built-in IFC export tool from Revit. The elevation  is not properly calculated in the conversion and the result is, when you click an issue on the web using BIM Track, it will position your camera offset in regards to the elevation. Downloading the "IFC 2017" (See link below) addin from Autodesk app store should correct it. Once the addin is installed, head over to Revit and export your IFC file as you would usually do. The only important thing that may differ from your normal workflow is that you will need to enable the 'Include IFCSITE elevation in the site local placement origin' option in the advanced menu of the export tool (See video below).  

Once exported, I would strongly suggest deleting all the IFC files that were uploaded on that project in the 3D viewer of BIM Track (It will reset the site origin of the project). At this point simply re-import your newly exported IFC files and the camera should be positioned to the correct location the next time you view your issues using the web viewer.   

IFC 2017:

How to Export IFC with IFC 2017:

For more info, visit http://bimtrack.co

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