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Why can't I use the 'Isolate Elements' feature?

To be able to use this feature, it is mandatory to verify either your Revit export / Navisworks import settings. The option 'Convert Element Properties' has to be checked prior to the export/import. Please note that this option is not checked by default so these step might be required. See below for detailed procedures.

Exporting NWC files from Revit:

Step 1:
Open Revit menu, select 'Export' and NWC format.

Step 2:
Open the 'Navisworks settins' menu.

Step 3:
Make sure that the 'Convert Element Properties' option is checked. 

Importing RVT file from Navisworks:

Step 1:
Open Navisworks menu and select 'Options'.

Step 2:
Expend the 'File Readers' menu located on the left hand side. Select 'Revit' from the list and make sure that the 'Convert Element Properties' option is checked.

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