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Create an Issue

Creating an issue in our 3D viewer is simple using our enhanced interface. You can add questions directly while viewing the model and not leave your actual reviewing context. We offer two ways to create an issue ; from a location mark or a Viewpoint/selection of elements.

Issue from a Location Marker

You can add manual pinpoint  to create an issue in your models and 2D sheets in the online viewer. Although this may seem similar to adding a view, this location allows you to create an issue that appears as a pinpoint.

  • Step by Step;
  • 1. Press the «  » button
  • 2. Use the pointer of your mouse to choose the location of the marker.
  • 3. Add all the details necessary for the understanding of the issue.
  • 4. Press the «  » button

Issue from a Camera/Element selection/Viewpoint

When you create an issue from our 3D Viewer, the camera position, camera type, section plane/box & elements visibility are recorded along with the issue reported. It is also possible to annotate the issue thumbnail before creating it. All issues are then found in the issue list.

  1. First, place the camera on the issue location.
  2. Use section box or plane to help isolate the issue.
  3. Hide elements that are blocking the view.
  4. It is also a best practice to select the elements related to the issue as they can be isolated when reviewing it.
  5. From the 3D Viewer, open the issue panel .
  6. Locate and click the "Create Issue" button at the top left corner of the panel.
  7. Enter any relevant information in the field along with a title.
  8. Annotate the thumbnail using the toolbox at the top of the image.
  9. Lastly, click « » to create the issue.

For more information, see our Viewer Introduction article. 

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