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February 1, 2018 Release

Please note that our latest version of the web platform and add-in has been published. The focus of this release is to increase interoperability between all platforms, especially those using the BCF format. We hope that you enjoy our latest improvement. See below for details about our new implementation:

Comment feed adapted to BCF standards:
As a means to increase interoperability with other platforms that use the BCF format, we have changed the core mechanics of the comment feed of the issues. Previously all comments related to an issue appeared in the same feed despite the fact some comments were associated to a specific viewpoint of an issue. From now on, the comment feed will let you add comments to specific viewpoints and the same structure will be reflected in the BCF file exported from/imported in BIM Track. This should help keeping conversation structured and concise, especially when exchanging information using BCF files with other platforms. This change affects both the web platform and the add-in. This new structure is also reflected in the reports.

This was a mandatory change to improve the BCF support as it is a standard in this exchange format. Aligning the comment feed to these standards was necessary as the different approaches used was bound to create limitations when exchanging BCFs back and forth with other platforms.

Support for BCF 2.1 File:
We have extended our BCF support. In this new version, BCF format 2.1 is now supported and this format is available for both Export & Import process.

Quick Filters in the 3D Viewer:
To standardize this feature everywhere where the issue list is available and as a means to increase productivity, the "Quick Filter" menu is now available within the issue list of the 3D Viewer. Creating filters template is a good practice to increase your own as well as your team’s productivity.

Restore View State and Isolate elements in the 3D Viewer:

It is now possible to isolate the elements that were selected during the issue publication. The option "Restore view state" was also added and this feature gives you the ability to recover the context of the issue that was used to publish it. This includes both the elements visibility and section box/plane. While this feature was previously available in our add-in, it was missing in our 3D Viewer and this was bound to cause some limitation when reviewing issues generated by the add-ins in the 3D Viewer. View states and selected elements are now automatically saved when you publish an issue from our 3D Viewer. This feature comes in handy when reviewing issues as you can quickly restore the view from which the issue was originally published to get a clear representation of the problem reported.

As always, please feel free to share any feedback about these new features by dropping us a line in the chat! Stay tuned for more updates as we have a wide array of exciting new features coming in 2018!

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