Getting Started with the API

Getting Started with the API

An access token is an opaque string that identifies a user to an HUB and can be used by apps to exchange information with BIM Track®. Access tokens are easily generated, which is covered later in this document.

Because of privacy and security checks, the majority of API calls on BIM Track need to include an access token.


Our API is still in BETA, so it’s only available in our Beta environnement. Getting your API Access Token is simple. First of all, you need to create your account on our Beta website and login.

  1. Access to our BETA Environment at
  2. Enter your credentials to Log in your account, or click on Create an account.
  3. Once you are logged in, go to the Hub Settings page from the left hand side menu.
  4. Open the Settings menu  in the top right corner and select API Access Token.
  5. Click the "Generate" button to get your unique API access token.
  6. Select the API Access Token and copy it in your Clipboard (Ctrl-C) for further uses.


  1. Access our API Test Page at

  2. Paste the API Access Token generated on STEP 1 in the in the TOKEN FIELD
  3. In the API Reference menu, select Hub > Get Hub info by name.
  4. Enter your Hub name in the field.
    Note: The API is still in beta and is linked to
    The hubs linked to the real BIM Track are not available in the API yet.
  5. A modal screen displays the JSON response.
    The response provides important information such as the Hub ID (which is required with the other API requests) and Projects informations.

The BIMTrack API is still in Beta. As we find and fix issues, some behaviours might change. You will be noticed by Email each time we deploy fixes and let you know what you have to do to.

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