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Publish Models From Revit Directly to the Online Viewer

We can publish a project to the online Viewer directly from Revit without having to export the IFC, send it to the appropriate person, and then upload it to the viewer. This is a seamless process.

Folders in the Project Tree receive the multiple revisions that will be published.

From the BIM Track command in the ribbon, our model is published directly into the desired folder. The project can then be turned on and seen directly in the online Viewer.

Notice the red beam that was accidentally placed on top of the other joists. We return to the authoring software, delete the beam, publish, and appending it to the previous version.

Returning to the online Viewer we can now select between the multiple revisions and easily see modifications made in the authoring software:

Scheduled Publishing of Models

From the Revit environment we can create and set up models to automatically be uploaded to the BIM Track online Viewer. This automated task removes the manual set up and manual uploading of IFC files.

Start by clicking the Publish button in the ribbon.

From the Publish to BIM Track dialog box, we first select the view to export from the indicated drop down. If we’ve previously created a folder on the Web Viewer we select it from the Add model to folder drop down.

If there is an existing model in the viewer we need to append it to the existing IFC. This will allow us to switch between model revisions and stop us from uploading multiple IFC files. We will be able to switch between the model revisions.

Click the schedule button at the bottom of the dialog box to open the Create Publish Schedule dialog box. Give your task a name, select the frequency you want this publish to take place, and select the time conditions. You’ll notice below that our model will be published at the end of the week, every Friday at 4:59pm. Click the Save button to create this automated task. You will be prompted with a "task successfully created" dialog box. Click "OK" to close the Publish to BIM Track dialog box."

Your model will now be published automatically to the Web Viewer at the next scheduled date and time.

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