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Automated Grouped Clashes (Add-ins)

With the Group Clashes tool, grouping any number of clashes is simplified by selecting any combination of the predefined grouping options. Removing the need to manually group your individual clashes.

Run your Navisworks Clash Detective as you normally would, then click the Group Clashes command.

Fig. 1.0 - Ribbon Button

Select the clash test you wanted grouped and then define the grouping mode. Any combination is achievable and will give different results. Click the Group button to automatically group your individual clashes. Once the clashes are grouped any manual modifications can be done. Click the Ungroup button to disassemble the groups and select a new grouping mode if need be.

Fig. 2.0. - Grouping UI

Once grouped, we can simply run the Clashes to Issue command in BIM Track as we normally would and import the clash test results.

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