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Sheets with Multiple Views (Navigating between sheets and views)

When a sheet with multiple views is uploaded to the Viewer, BIM Track has the ability to select the desired view and hypermodel it on top of your project.

Figure 1.0 - Sheet with multi views

Simply publish the sheet by following the steps in the related article. Once in the Sheets panel, turn on the sheet with multiple views. Your sheet will hypermodel itself on top of your project. Notice the Show views option in the sheet list.

Figure 1.1 - Views

By expanding this you can simply select between the available views and automatically have your sheet placed in the appropriate location.

Figure 1.2 - Elevation view

BIM Track will remember the last view you had selected and hypermodel the sheet accordingly the next time you turn on that sheet. It is recommended to create a Saved view of the sheet on each view. This allows for quick and easy alternating of each view of the sheet.

Figure 1.3 - Saved Views

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