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Solibri Anywhere, Site, Office and Solibri Model Checker Integrations

This integration uses the BCF Connector for both Solibri Model Checker and Solibri Anywhere, Office and Site.

What is Solibri ?

Solibri allows the possibility to create issues, create a presentation, or open a BFC report and make a presentation from it. Now keep track of issues and notes in the model and share them with other stakeholders on the project. The issues can be exported to a BCF file. It is also possible to synchronize with the BIM Track online server. Solibri Anywhere is the free version.

Solibri Anywhere, Site & Office

Solibri anywhere does offer the BCF connector integrated , which means there is no requirement to download it from the solution center. To configure the BCF connector to a BIM Track project, go into «File» at the top left corner, «Settings» and click on «BCF Connector».

  • The following window will open;

  • Click on «Add Server...» to find and select BIM Track.

  • Once this is done,a new window will open to authenticate BIM Track, this step is a one-time process for Solibri to find the project.

  • All the projects from the hub will be displayed, and one can even be set as the «Default Project» which means all presentations/issues will be updated into this project, unless the default is changed. 

Solibri Model Checker

To start using the integration, download the latest version of the BCF Connector from the Solibri Solution Center.

If the BCF Connector isn’t visible in the Solibri Solution Center (SSC), contact the company-admin for the SSC. They will need to assign the rights prior to downloading.

Once installed the BCF connector will be displayed in the solution center tab under the file layout.

If you are using Solibri Model Checker and wish to move the presentations to a BIM Track project, the following steps should be taken to publish issues from the SMC to BIM Track.

We advise you to follow this workflow when syncing BIM Track with Solibri:

  • In Solibri, go to the «File» and select «Settings»,then «BCF Connector»

  • Ensure that the BIM Track server is added to the list of BCF servers

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