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Publish an Issue

You can publish, view, edit, comment on, or add information to existing issues directly from the authoring software. The issues will appear identically across all platforms.

When as issue has been located, simply select the elements in question, and follow these quick steps:

  1. Click the Create Issue button.
  2. Give the issue a title, description, and fill in the needed attributes.
  3. If returning to the exact same view state is desired, make sure to enable the Save view state checkbox.
  4. Click Publish to send the issue to BIM Track.

BIM Track takes a snapshot of the issue on screen while recording the geolocation in the model, along with the view state.

The newly created issue can be opened in any authoring software or the web Viewer.

Issue Title, Description, and Attributes

The issue title should be as quick, informative, and descriptive as possible. Use the description portion of the dialog box to add any and all needed information that will result in the issue being resolved as quickly as possible.

The attributes to be filled in will allow for granular metrics and reports. Some of the attributes will need mandatory fields filled in before the Publish button is enabled. These presets are controlled in the project settings and have been defined by the project creator/admin.

View State

We notice the Save view state checkbox in the bottom of the issue creation dialog boxes. When this is enabled BIM Track saves and displays the section plane/box and any hidden element overrides, and any addition transparency overrides that may have been applied to the view prior to issue creation.

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