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Orthographic vs. Perspective

When creating issues in different environments we often work in a variety of 3D view states. In Navisworks we commonly work in a perspective view. This allows us to traverse inside the building to record issues. In Revit, we can view the issues in a perspective camera, but it is quite difficult to fix the issues. We’d much rather be in an orthographic view. There are ways to escape a perspective camera and view the same issue in an orthographic state. A step by step approach can be found in our "Mastering Views in Revit" Blog post.

When issues are created in Revit we typically would create them in a 3D view, a plan view, or a section. These view states can easily be retrieved in other platform environments with the help of section planes.

Saving and Restoring Section Boxes

It is a good practice to publish an issue with a section box already applied in the view state. This will facilitate multiple users accessing the issue in any platform in an array of view states. If a section box is not applied to the project when creating the issue, we can active one and use the Update from current view (including view state) or the Add from current view (including view state) as seen in the video below:

How to save and restore a section box using BIM Track:

For more info, visit http://bimtrack.co

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