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Solibri: Features Overview

The Solibri: Features Overview is a quick access list of the features pertaining to the Nemetschek Solibri Model Checker, Solibri Anywhere, Solibri Office and Solibri Site. These features have been documented and laid out for your use and to act as a quick reference for learning more about the possibilities and to also help with troubleshooting and problem-solving. 

With the BIM Track integration with Solibri, the following help desk articles are available:

What is Solibri? 

Solibri allows the possibility to create issues in a presentation, or import a BFC report and make a presentation from it. Keep track of issues and notes in the model and share them with other stakeholders on the project. The presentation can then be exported to a BCF file. It is also possible to synchronize with the BIM Track Server.


Solibri does not support the use of section boxes. When syncing BIM Track with Solibri, remember to use only section planes when raising your issues. 

Solibri Anywhere 

Solibri Anywhere, Site and Office all offer the BCF connector integrated, removing the requirement to download it from the Solution Center. To configure the BCF connector to a BIM Track project using this method see the BCF Server Method.

Solibri Model Checker 

To start using this integration, download the latest version of the BCF Connector from the Solibri Solution Center.

If the BCF Connector isn’t visible in the Solibri Solution Center (SSC), contact the company-admin for the SSC. They will need to assign the rights prior to downloading.

Once installed the BCF connector will be displayed in the solution center tab under the file layout.

If you are using Solibri Model Checker and wish to move the presentation content to a BIM Track project, there is the BCF Server Method to sync issues back and forth, or the BCF Report Method that is more of a one-way process. Check the chart below to see which best suits the project. 

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