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View in Model

The View in Model command will bring the user to the exact location of the issue despite the platform the issue was created in. If there are multiple issue preview images, select the image you want to see and click the View in Model command. There may be multiple viewpoints, view states, with any number of related elements selected and whether the section box is active or not.

View in Model Configuration

View in Model Behavior:

  • Display Clash Pinpoints

Elements visibility
  • Do Nothing

  • Show/Hide Saved Elements

  • Isolate Elements

Section Box/Plane
  • Force Section Box around Related Elements

By selecting this option, when clicking the View in Model button, the section box will always automatically be turned on when there are saved elements in the issue.
NOTE: Elements will not be selected through Revit links. So only the selected elements in the active model will be used when the section box is created will be used when determining the extents of the section box. 

  • Force Orthographic View if there is a Section Box or Related Elements  (When applicable in certain add-ins)

This feature helps when the original view was in perspective, allowing the Revit user to always open the issue in orthographic whenever there are elements saved or a section box was active when the issue was published.

Camera Location
  • Zoom to Related Elements

When this option is selected, the view position will be changed to fit the extents of the elements previously saved in the issue and found in the current model thus ensuring that they are displayed on the screen. 


  • Display Clash Spheres as pinpoints instead of spheres

Changes the size and colour of the issue pinpoints and provides a global view of issues with possibility of interactive selection and custom filtering of the issue list.

  • Pinpoints are displayed by Default

Pinpoints are refreshed each time items are edited or refreshed. This allows the user to be updated on issues being worked on at the same time, and allows quick navigation from issue or view to another.

Check out some recommended settings in this video

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