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December 17, 2018 Release

It's release day! The purpose of this update is to introduce custom attributes for project-specific requirements in BIM Track in addition to existing custom values for current attributes.

Custom issue attributes... so I can put anything?

Many project admins have that one bit of data they wish they could add to each issue. With custom attributes, you will be able to add up to 3 custom issue attributes per project in addition to existing ones. 

Like other project settings, you can add more attributes directly in the project settings (which can also be saved in the project template). These can be values input by the user or can be predefined values that users will select from a drop-down, and can have colors assigned like other attributes. See example of where new custom attributes can be defined and modified in BIM Track’s web platform below:

Potential uses

These issue attributes can be used in the same way as existing attributes. This new meta data will allow you to sort & filter issues, explore metrics and generate more detailed reports. 

Here are the most popular requests for new types of issue attributes from our wish list:

Cost: Introducing this custom issue attribute helps quantify the costs associated with having to resolve a change on the construction site.  Not only can this feature help set priorities based on potential resolution cost, it can also help prove cost savings from earlier coordination.

Level & grid: Creating levels and grids or gridlines will allow you to refine your locations even more closely than existing settings like Zones, and combinations thereof for filtering and metrics. 

Root Cause: Track the source of the original issue. Enough said. 

The fine print

Currently we are limiting custom attributes to 3 issues per project. This will allow you to play with different settings vs 3 issue attributes only customizable by project hub. It also allows most users to get the attributes they we need while we make sure deployment goes smoothly. We’re looking at some subtle UI tweaks to potentially accommodate more in the future.

For more information about project settings read this article.

A tiny bonus for hub admins...

We know managing users (and their mysterious junk email bins!) can be tedious. That’s why we’re introducing a handy little “resend invitation email” button right in your project team settings. 

Happy tracking!

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