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Creating a Demo Project

Inside a demo hub you can either tryout new workflows, or the premium features a standard plan doesn't offer.

Here are the steps to set-up a demo project in your temporary 30 day demo hub:

  1. Create new project and give it a specific name. 
  2. Add users and create teams for each separating group
  3. Edit and manipulate data in the attributes, general settings, and categories to collect the data you require
  4. Add project files and populate your project with issues.

If you'd like to use the provided demo project, you can download the project files. The project settings have been configured, the models have been uploaded, and there are some existing issues for you to manipulate.

Remember, the demo hub and all of its contents are permanently deleted at the end of the 30 day trial period. This is a sandbox for you to test, explore, and try new things.

All of our premium features will be available in the Demo Projects contained within the demo hub, so you are invited to try them and see if they could benefit you in any way before upgrading your account. The premium features can be found on our pricing page.

Follow the steps in the Demo Hub Article to create your own demo hub, or test BIM Track using our demo project provided.  

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