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Procore Integration

Procore integration is a project-based feature, this means that the integration is not shown on the Integration page, under the General Menu, similar to previous integrations and add-ins. To connect to Procore, navigate to the Project Settings, under the Project Menu, and to the tab Integrations. 

Connecting to Procore the first time will link the user to their Procore account credentials. And an option to comment on the issue when creating an RFI. This option will attach a hyperlink to the RFI in Procore for easy reference. 

In the Issue Dashboard, you will have a Procore RFI tab that you can click View in Procore or use the hyperlink that is attached to open the RFI directly in Procore. 

The Description of the Issue is inserted as the Question in the RFI. There is also a link to the BIM Track issue attached as well if you have the option selected when the RFI was created.

Removing an RFI link can be done in two different ways. The first is by simply using the Procore RFI tab and clicking Remove Link, or by the drop-down option in the Setting Menu. 

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